Episode 06: Design

This week, Kalv and Pat chat about design. Is design hanging pretty ornaments on a tree, or is it establishing thoughtful systems to help users with a problem? What’s the difference between a Creative Director and a Design Director? How does design theory apply to design practice? And what the heck was Web 2.0?

Episode 05: Quality

If you walk along the many of the beaches surrounding the city of Vancouver, you might find someone slowly and methodically scanning the stones along the shore. She is looking for a stone that catches her eye, not because it is all that different from the rest but because it has a certain quality that uniquely identifies it from others around it. Maybe it’s perfectly smooth and beautifully rounded, or perhaps it is shiny and shimmery with sharp edges. For certain, there is a unique quality that draws her specifically to it.

Here at Brewhouse, we’ve begun an evaluation of the values of our company. This year has brought the team both wonderful opportunities and a few bumps along the way. As we begin to look toward 2016 we are asking ourselves what type of company we want to be, what goals we want to accomplish, what types of projects we want to be a part of, and how we can improve how we work with one another. In short, what qualities will Brewhouse embody over the coming years to come?

We want to be a company who is uniquely different, whose values permeate every aspect of our business, and who chooses the pursuit of quality over quantity.

So, what exactly is quality?

Episode 04: Mark

Mark Hazlett has been a tech support agent for Apple, product engineer for iStockPhoto and Expedia, and founder of his own gaming and tech startups. As Brewhouse’s product manager, he oversees the planning and execution of our design and development process for both client and internal projects. This week on The Brewhouse Show, learn how a former student of biology became a complete product nut.

Episode 03: The Apprentice

This week on The Brewhouse Show, Kalv and Pat sit down with Gabe Scholz and his Apprentice-turned-Jr. Developer Paulo Ancheta to discuss the experience of bringing an apprentice onto the Brewhouse team, what was learned through the process, and how other companies might go about initiating their own apprenticeship programs.

Episode 02: Collaboration

This week on The Brewhouse Show, Kalv & Pat sit in front of properly-positioned microphones to chat about collaboration. How do we work together at Brewhouse? What tools do we use to enable collaboration between us and our clients? How do we argue? Is it ok to disagree with our CEO?

Episode 01: Your Message is Your Medium

This week, Kalv & Pat hit the ground running (once the turkey coma wore off, that is) and discuss how crucial the simple act of writing can be to all phases of the product design and development process, creating a character for your product, writing during the design process, and visualizing your audience.

Oh, and good news! The Brewhouse Show is now available on iTunes.

Game Programming Design Patterns

A photo of Chuck Bergeron Chuck Bergeron 14 Oct 2015
Animation built with FramerJS, source code here

Programming is one truly interesting skill. Many choose to study it for years in University, while others can pick it up in their spare time simply by reading and completing tutorials online. Learning to build things quickly can be both lucrative and life-improving. However, knowing more of the theory behind programming will help you write great code and comparing your style of programming to others can be a terrific eye-opener.

As multiple developers work on a codebase over time, the software will typically suffer from some common problems: tightly coupled code and spaghetti code are recurring topics amongst developers – and create messes most will want to avoid.

For the past ten years I’ve been coding professionally, I’ve neglected to spend more time learning the underlying theories behind programming. Always preferring the hungry route of digging into the practical parts of development, blazing ahead while building tools and apps. That was until I took an interest in creating video games, which is when Robert Nystrom’s Game Programming Patterns caught my attention.

Episode 00: Transparency

One of our core values here at Brewhouse is “Test Everything”, so when Kalv and Pat began bandying about the idea of doing a podcast they knew they’d need to test it. And so, with as little fanfare and (hopefully) technical issues as possible, it is our pleasure to share with you Episode 00: Transparency (we couldn’t possibly do a pilot episode about transparency and not share it, could we?).

The show should be available in iTunes in the next couple of days. In the meantime, you can subscribe to the show in your podcatcher or RSS reader.