Episode 13: Business Development Tooling

On last week’s episode, Kalv and Pat discussed finding the right client. This week, they break down the tooling we use here at Brewhouse to manage incoming leads, analyze the data, and improve our strategy around finding and securing the right clients and projects for our team.

Episode 12: Finding the Right Clients

We got one! One of our wonderful listeners, Kelly, wrote in this week to provide feedback for our show and one of the key insights we took away from her email was the desire to hear more about running an agency. Though Brewhouse is only 2 years old, there is more than a decade of combined client services experience and wisdom to be shared by both Kalv and Pat. This week, our dynamic due tackle one of the toughest questions facing client services agencies: how do you find the right clients?

Episode 11: Podcast Retrospective

As we look to kick off the new year, we take a moment to retrospect the first season of The Brewhouse Show and ask ourselves what worked, what didn’t work, and what we’ll change in the future. We talk about a few new technologies we want to try out, share a few podcasts we enjoy, and set goals for what we hope to achieve in 2016.

Brewhouse 2015 - by the numbers

A photo of Kalvir Sandhu Kalvir Sandhu 06 Jan 2016

We loved 2015! Here are the numbers that excited us in 2015. Let us know which number you liked by tweeting it out!

Episode 10: 2016 Predictions

This week, Kalv and Pat look back on some of the cool technology released in 2015 and look forward to what’s to come in the new year.

Episode 09: A Sad, Sad Day

Today, Dropbox dropped the news that they plan to shutter both Mailbox and Carousel. As apps that we are big fans of, we couldn’t let the news go by without taking time to mourn our loss.

Episode 08: What's the First Thing You Made?

There is a moment in everyone’s life when you understand that much of the environment surrounding you was made by someone else. Be it a house, a painting, a song, or a computer game, the tools and toys we use and enjoy all came to be when someone figured out how to make it.

This week, Kalv and Pat think back to their early days and reminisce about their adventures in making things. What was the first tool Pat discovered and understood? What 5000+ year old problem did Kalv try and solve at the age of 16? And how did the process of trying to solve those early problems influence the kind of makers we are today?

Episode 07: Mission Statements

Every company needs a purpose for existing. Here at Brewhouse, we have continually refined our purpose as we’ve gained a better understanding of who we are and what we want to do. Over the past month we’ve been having a number of discussions around our purpose, or mission, and how our values serve that mission. On the eve of leaving for a company retreat up in beautiful Whistler, BC, Kalv and Pat share some of the thinking that’s been happening around who we are as a company and what our purpose is.