Callback Responsibly

A photo of Paulo Ancheta Paulo Ancheta 14 Mar 2016

Recently, I have worked on a project where one of the biggest obstacle for me was to understand the app’s business logic due to its callback chains. Whenever I create a model, I get an error because it tried to validate something that was supposed to be created during a callback. At that time, I found myself in what it seemed to be a rabbit hole that does not end. (Ok, I might have been exaggerating because it was probably just about 5 callback chains. MAYBE. I don’t really want to count). It got a bit frustrating and I knew that there had to be a better way.

Business Operations Gets a Boost with the Addition of Edward Chan

A photo of Lana Topham Lana Topham 11 Mar 2016

Edward Chan

Brewhouse Software is pleased to announce the newest biker in the gang - Edward Chan.

Edward’s role at Brewhouse will spotlight on all things related to business operations. This includes driving and growing revenue, managing relationships with clients and partners, executing on operational challenges and much more.

We sat down with him to learn a bit about his career path…and how he likes his coffee (our name is Brewhouse for a reason!).

Five Practices for Robust Ruby on Rails Applications

A photo of Philippe Creux Philippe Creux 26 Feb 2016

Whenever I come across a rails application with inconsistent data or bugs that are hard to nail down I tell myself: “They (the developers) were just a couple of keystokes away from preventing those issues from happening”.

At Brewhouse, we follow five simple practices to make our Rails applications robust. It all comes down to failing early, loudly and often. We ensure that data is valid and applications behave properly by catching issues early on.

New Product Developer, Alex Taylor, Joins Brewhouse Software

A photo of Lana Topham Lana Topham 23 Feb 2016

Alex Taylor

Meet our newest Product Developer, affectionately known as McTaylorPants… or Alex, if we’ve got our serious hats on.

Alex is coming to us from from a boutique post-production company in Vancouver called Skylab. He started out as a junior technician, and from there his role slowly evolved into developing automation and asset management tools in everything from Bash to Python and FileMaker Pro. This past fall that company was going through some fundamental changes, and he decided to take the opportunity to get more serious about development and enrolled in CodeCore – and loved every minute of it!

Episode 16: Bootstrapping a Product Agency

Some companies spend more time crafting investment and sales pitch decks in PowerPoint than designing prototypes, running user tests, and developing a shippable product. Regardless of your business model or marketing strategy, you need to produce something that people will use. Something that improves someone’s life, something they will tell their friends and family and co-workers about, something that that is born of empathy, innovation, technical skill, a truck load of coffee, and time.

As a product agency, Brewhouse is able to invest the profit we generate from our consulting service into Goodbits, a simple tool for curating and sending email newsletters, and still turn a profit as a business. Find out how on this week’s episode of The Brewhouse Show.

Episode 15: Work Adequately, Live Abundantly

Every week has 168 hours. Who we are as people is a culmination of how each of us decides to spend that time. This week, Kalv and Pat discuss how we value time at Brewhouse, whether the various benefits some tech companies offer their employees are for the sake of the employee or the company, and what changes we are contemplating here at Brewhouse to further improve the work/life balance of our own team members.

Episode 14: Product Design and Development - Live Episode

What is the first question designers and developers are asked when approached to create a new product? How much time should be spent on design? How does Brewhouse approach dev-ops? This week, Kalv and Pat recorded a live episode of the podcast using our new favourite broadcasting app,

Introducing Brewhouse's Rails Template

A photo of Philippe Creux Philippe Creux 01 Feb 2016

We’ve shipped over a dozen Ruby on Rails apps that all share the same base set of gems and configuration files. In order to save some time and ensure that our next web apps share a common set of best practices, we’ve put together the brewhouse-rails-template.

The brewhouse-rails-template is a Ruby on Rails 4.2 application ready to deploy to Heroku with popular gems configured to work nicely together and a self-destroying script to bootstrap your app by renaming all configuration and classes to your application name.