New Product Developer, Alex Taylor, Joins Brewhouse Software

A photo of Lana Topham Lana Topham 23 Feb 2016

Alex Taylor

Meet our newest Product Developer, affectionately known as McTaylorPants… or Alex, if we’ve got our serious hats on.

Alex is coming to us from from a boutique post-production company in Vancouver called Skylab. He started out as a junior technician, and from there his role slowly evolved into developing automation and asset management tools in everything from Bash to Python and FileMaker Pro. This past fall that company was going through some fundamental changes, and he decided to take the opportunity to get more serious about development and enrolled in CodeCore – and loved every minute of it!

Introducing Brewhouse's Rails Template

A photo of Philippe Creux Philippe Creux 01 Feb 2016

We’ve shipped over a dozen Ruby on Rails apps that all share the same base set of gems and configuration files. In order to save some time and ensure that our next web apps share a common set of best practices, we’ve put together the brewhouse-rails-template.

The brewhouse-rails-template is a Ruby on Rails 4.2 application ready to deploy to Heroku with popular gems configured to work nicely together and a self-destroying script to bootstrap your app by renaming all configuration and classes to your application name.

Brewhouse 2015 - by the numbers

A photo of Kalvir Sandhu Kalvir Sandhu 06 Jan 2016

We loved 2015! Here are the numbers that excited us in 2015. Let us know which number you liked by tweeting it out!

Game Programming Design Patterns

A photo of Chuck Bergeron Chuck Bergeron 14 Oct 2015
Animation built with FramerJS, source code here

Programming is one truly interesting skill. Many choose to study it for years in University, while others can pick it up in their spare time simply by reading and completing tutorials online. Learning to build things quickly can be both lucrative and life-improving. However, knowing more of the theory behind programming will help you write great code and comparing your style of programming to others can be a terrific eye-opener.

As multiple developers work on a codebase over time, the software will typically suffer from some common problems: tightly coupled code and spaghetti code are recurring topics amongst developers – and create messes most will want to avoid.

For the past ten years I’ve been coding professionally, I’ve neglected to spend more time learning the underlying theories behind programming. Always preferring the hungry route of digging into the practical parts of development, blazing ahead while building tools and apps. That was until I took an interest in creating video games, which is when Robert Nystrom’s Game Programming Patterns caught my attention.

Colour Me Good: Brewhouse Adds a New Product Designer to the Mix

A photo of Lana Topham Lana Topham 21 Sep 2015

As Brewhouse Software continues to grow, we’re finding more and more of our hires seem to have music in their souls. This certainly isn’t a prerequisite but if this developing tasty software thing doesn’t work out, we’re definitely forming a band!


Meet, Lee. He’s our new Product Designer. And his former life as a DJ enables him to fit in perfectly with our musically inclined bunch. This coupled with the fact that he is an ace designer makes him the perfect addition to the Brewhouse team – we couldn’t have designed this better ourselves!

“Lee joining the team is a huge milestone for us; it signifies the continued investment we’re making in our efforts to promote design within the process of making products people love.” - Pat, Design Director

Let’s learn a little more about Lee.

The Apprentice

A photo of Lana Topham Lana Topham 05 Aug 2015

the apprentice logo

We aspire to do the best we can at Brewhouse – whether that’s developing code for our clients, brewing up the best cup of joe or throwing an epic party. And things don’t change as we hire our very first apprentice.

But Paulo is no regular apprentice. Yes, he’s a bit green when it comes to writing code but when we delve into his resume we see he has mastered so many other skills that there is no doubt in our minds that this student will one day become the teacher.

Be nice to others and your future-self: use Data Objects.

A photo of Philippe Creux Philippe Creux 31 Jul 2015

In Ruby, hashes and arrays are the go-to data structures. For example, Rails turns http params into a hash and a JSON payload is a hash with nested arrays and hashes. The flexibility those primitives offer is undeniable and is key to developer happiness.

There are times where those data structures become too complex and we have to dig deeper into the codebase to figure what a hash is supposed to contain. This is where Data Objects can help us a great deal.

Chan can seriously code and a lot more too!

A photo of Kalvir Sandhu Kalvir Sandhu 10 Jul 2015


Today is a bittersweet day for us, Godfrey Chan is moving on from Brewhouse and also Vancouver.

I first met Godfrey when he came back to Vancouver from some time away, he became very involved with the Vancouver Ruby meetup I was helping to organize. We found a similar interest with disrupting the web application monitoring space and very soon found ourselves working together on Caliper (a Javascript monitoring startup) and then Brewhouse the end of 2013.

Godfrey has been an essential member of the team that has helped build Brewhouse to what it is today. His passion for the development community both digitally and through in-person meetups has helped build the foundation on how Brewhouse works with the community today.

He is an active core team member of Rails and helped get the developer nights going and mentored a number of developers in town.