We loved 2015! Here are the numbers that excited us in 2015. Let us know which number you liked by tweeting it out!


Apprentice Hired

We hired our first apprentice, Paulo, in 2015! What an amazing addition to the team he has been.


Brewhouse Baby Born

Philippe and his partner brought Léo, a beautiful baby boy, into the world this year. The team has loved all the great baby photos!


Designers Hired

Design is essential for building quality products. We hired a Design Director and Product Designer in 2015.


Litres of Beer Brewed

Brewhouse finally lived up to our name and brewed our first batch of beer! It was delicious.



Community Events

Keeping in line with our desire to celebrate community, we hosted 4 community events here at Brewhouse HQ.


Shipped Products

We never miss a deadline. We shipped 5 brand new products for businesses in 2015. Avenue, Contour, Sutton (private), Retarget Links & Loft 47.




We went on our first company retreat to Whistler to discuss why we all do what we do and what we want from our work at Brewhouse in 2016.


Hours of Podcasting

We recorded 8.5 hours of conversations around product design and development, business, technology, and our company values.



We were fortunate to work with 15 lovely clients in 2015 and we look forward to speaking with you in 2016 about future product development.



Family Feasts

To encourage team discussion and trust for great collaboration, we hosted 17 Friday family feasts.


Hours of Product Discovery

We performed 180 hours of product design discovery with projects in 2015. It was great working with our clients to refine their product and ship higher quality work.


Hours of Mentorship

We gave back to the community this year with 212 hours of mentorship and plan to give even more in 2016!


Goodbits MRR

At the end of 2015, Goodbits was at $2,452 MRR. We hit our goal of 100 paying customers and getting over 2k in MRR. Our growth is sitting at 22% MOM.


Unique Visitors

Thank you for reading our blog; we had 197,668 unique readers in 2015. In 2016, we’ll be spending even more time writing up what we learn in Product, Design and Development.



We made $787,988 in revenue in 2015, over 2x what we made in 2014! This does not include IRAP contributions.

  • Income from Clients: $771,067
  • Income from Goodbits: $16,921
  • IRAP contributions: $88,728
  • Salaries: $689,195
  • Other expenses: $120,407
  • Net Profit: $67,115