3 new hires

Brewhouse was founded in January 2014 by Chuck, Godfrey, Kalv and Philippe.
Gabe and Lana joined us along the way and Mark has just started this week!

4 events


We started with Cocktails, we then hosted the Vanruby Summer BBQ, we became Boohouse for Halloween and we collected non-perishable goods for the food bank at the Mouthy Mixer.

5 conferences


We’ve attended Ember conf in Portland, Rails conf in Chicago, Polyglot (un)conf in Vancouver, Ruby Kaigi in Tokyo, and Ruby conf in San Diego!

12 clients

We had the chance to work with 12 great clients. We’ve built MLPs (Minimal Lovable Products). We’ve improved codebases (read, performance). We’ve delivered complete libraries and products. Being exposed to so many talented teams was just fabulous!

15 blog posts

They have been read by 75,000 people who left 85 comments. The most popular ones are What’s new in Rails 4.1, Gourmet Service Objects and Big Data with Elastic Search.

24 (lightning) talks


We spoke about Ruby, Angular, Rails, Ember, Application / Database Performance, and how to run start-ups at local events and conferences.

25 lbs. of non-perishable goods donated


The terrific Startups Care initiative.

40 creative fridays

Fridays are about everything but client work: we contribute to open source, we send This Week In Rails, we write blog posts, we work on side projects such as Roundup Roger, and more!

45 leads


12 became clients.

50 T-shirts shipped


88 client iterations


We offer 4 day iterations to our clients. That’s 4 full days (Monday to Thursday) dedicated to client work. Friday can be used as a buffer to cover statutory holidays or sick days.

100 cookies


Yes. Ruby Cookies.

104 product iterations

To keep things simple, we plan product work like client work: 4 day iterations.


1,400 square feet

We loved sharing space at ChloiHQ, however more resources means more space. In August we found a comfy office space to call our own.

84,822 visits to brewhouse.io


While the landing page accounted for 10,000 visits, our blog posts brought a smashing 75,000 unique visitors.

$85,000 average annual salary

We offer what we believe is a competitive Vancouver market rate salary.

$100,000 in the bank


  • Initial investment from FullStack: +$100,000
  • Income from client work: +$335,000
  • IRAP contributions: +$55,000
  • Salaries: -$310,000
  • Other expenses: -$80,000

2015 here we come!

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