tea that looks like coffee

“Brewhouse – so you brew beer?”

Everyone on the team has been asked this question at some point when introducing ourselves at an event or conference – it’s a valid question! However, we brew up a much different batch of awesome.

Brewhouse Software. It took about two weeks of defining and then redefining what was important about the brand and the creative process attached to it. The notion of coffee kept coming up. Code and coffee. Coffee and creating. And within the team, the fuss we made about a fantastic cup of high quality, craft coffee.

Craft coffee is huge in the west coast, craft beer is surging and what we actually do is create “craft software”. We really care about the tools used, the process to create the software and the people that we work with. Craft implies care and quality. So naturally, the perfect name for us was Brewhouse Software.

##Coffee Connection

coffee tools used

Coffee and tea (for those Brits out there!) – it’s not just associated with our name, we love the stuff!

As a group of individuals, design is important to us. Design in building software and design in the tools we use. We’re not a full on design firm but we try and learn as much as we can from other crafts.

We think the elements that go into creating coffee overlap with how we create our software. Patience. The slow process of brewing a stellar cup of coffee applies to the work we do. We appreciate the relevance between the aspects of the coffee brewing world and how that relates to our processes.

##Movin’ On Up

Map of location

The time was right. We added two more to the team of four and realized that it wouldn’t cost much more to have our own dedicated space. It was always our intention to branch out, as our previous digs, a co-working space (Chloi HQ), lacked the ability to brand and limited us in what we could do. After all, it is a shared space! We’re creative and we needed to be able to feel like the space we worked in was our own. So Brewhouse Software HQ was born.

And then there were six. Gabe face and Lana face

Another big step was adding two more to the team. Gabe was a welcome addition. He is an amazing developer, specializing in AngularJS. We now have the capacity to bring on more customers, and tackle more work with our products.

Adding Lana (aka, Me) to the team was more of a leap. Having someone who wasn’t a developer or a designer – someone who read copy from a whole different perspective. That was big. We’re no longer just “techies”. We’re now a bonafide business with multi-functions and roles to help us grow.

##It’s Custom, Baby

Brewhouse HQ office view

Our 1,400 square ft. space is roomy – too big for six but egging us on to grow. It boasts a fully stocked kitchen of snacks, a deep selection of coffee and tea (it’s kinda our thing!) and small features which make it feel custom: like beanbag chairs, art created by Chuck and our whiteboard on wheels, moonlighting as a Visual Timeline.

Vanruby event

This large space calls for multi-purpose use. We’re fond of the startup community and feel it is our duty to share our space to allow others to host small meetups or larger events. This is our home, but we love to open the doors so others can enjoy our beautiful spread as much as we do.

If you’re interested in working with us, stop by for a cup or get in touch.

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