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Product Design & Development — Our team of designers & developers work directly with product owners to ship products people love. Our collaborative, flexible process is completely transparent, allowing product owners the ability to make educated decisions around what needs to be built. Read How We Built Contour →

Product Design Sprint — Before a single line of code is written, it's important to ensure that what's being built is what customers actually need. A product design sprint brings our respective teams into the same room to understand the problem, brainstorm & sketch possible solutions, converge around one or two ideas worth validating, prototype the best ideas, and test those ideas with real customers.

Team Augmentation — Have a great team already but could use some reinforcements? Our team can accelerate the delivery of products and features, reducing the time it takes to reach your business's objectives. Whether you need a Javascript or Rails expert to review your code and make recommendations, or if your company could use an expert product squad to come in and help your team refine their process, our team can help. Read How We Helped Zozi →

MVP Build — If you are looking to build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for your business, our product development team can assist you. Similar to our Team Augmentation, we work alongside your team, refine your scope with our Product Design Sprint and get on working to ship your final product. Read How We Shipped an MVP for Retarget Links →

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Episode 18: A chat about chatbots

Conversational UIs are all the rage these days. With the rise in access to mobile devices in developing countries, chat services and bots are quickly becoming critical for economic development. How do we take advantage of this changing paradigm here in North America? Kalv and Pat talk about their experience with conversational UIs and discuss the problems still to be solved in this emerging space.