The Team

Charles Bergeron
Kalvir Sandhu
Godfrey Chan
Philippe Creux

Charles Bergeron

Start-up and product aficionado, Chuck finds solace in taming complex digital systems and delivering performant, memorable experiences. He tackles the entire stack from business, design, UI & UX, to front-end & back-end programming.

Godfrey Chan

Master brewer. He enjoys working with the latest and greatest technology as well as solving hard problems™. Toting a unique background of computer science, cognitive science, and interaction design. A serious Open Source contributor, as a core committer to Ruby on Rails and other much loved projects.

Kalvir Sandhu

Tech entrepreneur. Kalv has shipped many products and applications since starting his development career over 15 years ago. With his knowledge and experience he helps build products from napkin ideas by helping with hands on development, business strategy or even just making the coffee. He contributes to the Vancouver tech community as the organizer of #vanruby.

Philippe Creux

Philippe is an enthusiastic programmer. He likes to turn complex requirements into intuitive software powered by elegant code. He is one of the core contributors of the administration framework for Rails, ActiveAdmin. He shares his joy of programming by running meet-ups, organizing conferences, and running a podcast.


Product Consulting

Execute on your ideas. We start by using our refined process to discover your needs. We scope, manage and build Prototypes, MVPs & to-scale apps.

Software Devising

Covering the full stack, from design to frontend, backend to deployment. We build engaging Web & Mobile applications which consistently receive rave reviews.

Code Therapy & Training

Need help improving an existing codebase or improving your team's workflow? We'll get you out of technical debt. Leave it to our Rails, Angular & Ember experts.


Collect & curate content from the web and build it into an email newsletter.

A Performance Management & Monitoring tool for Ember and Backbone applications.

Replace your call center with this affordable hotline solution.

We've Worked With:

Making it easy to edit, share and discuss contract revisions & negotiations.

Give leaders better insight using an integrated wearable technology solution.

An interactive learning and support tool for your contact centers.


We <3 Open Source

Our work wouldn’t be possible without of the quality software created by the Open Source software community. We are core committers to projects such as Rails and ActiveAdmin.


We are big believers in community. We co-organize the #VANRUBY meetups in Vancouver, bringing disparate programmers together as a whole.

Let's talk

Our office is located in the heart of Vancouver's historic Gastown district. Stop by for a cup of coffee sometime.

brewhouse hq:

#303 - 210 Carrall St
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2J1

+1 604-614-7784